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New Car required more prevention ...So get a TEFLON coating for your new car and prevent the color fading

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Recommanded For new brand cars:

Teflon coating also known as anti-rust coating, is done on the surface of the car. Teflon is chemically synthesized from fluoropolymer. It is a brand originally owned by Dupont, but now has become generic to the category of PTFE paint sealants. This protects the car’s painted finish and offers a brilliant shine, doing away with the problem of corrosion and wear and tear in high as well as low temperatures, keeping the vehicle like new for a long time.

Teflon Process on Cars

  1. Washing: The first step of process, to make the car free from dirt and dust the painted areas and the plastic parts like mudguards, speedometer etc are washed with a mild shampoo, the surfaces are then wiped and dried. This is done so that the paint remains free of dust particles once the coating is applied. A soft cloth is used to make sure no unwanted scratches are also caused so as to ensure maximum quality.
  2. Polishing: This step involves the application of polish on the painted surfaces. Typical car waxes and polishes are used in this step and in this case, 3M/JOPASU Car Wax. This is done so that the paint has maximum possible shine and gloss before it is coated with Teflon. This process can make dull paints look significantly brighter. Older cars would have a much better appearance once this step is done. Differences are noticeable on shades like black which visibly fade easily and are the hardest to maintain.
  3. Final Coating: The final step in the process is finally done and it makes a layer on the body and protects the paint. 

   Things to remember:

  • Once the coating is done, it is advised by the centers not to use soap or other detergents on the paint as this can reduce the thickness of the coating. They recommend the use of Ph.-neutral shampoo which is essentially car-shampoo that you can buy from any car-accessories store.
  • Teflon coating can recover from faded paints but it has its limits. It cannot completely remove scratches, the swirl marks on the surface is reduced considerably after the entire process.

Pros of Teflon Coating on the surface of the car

  1. Minor scratch protection: Teflon is a thick clear coat surface that is very slippery. It protects the cars surface from swirl marks and scratches caused by dust and cleaning with a dirty cloth.
  2. Enhances gloss: Putting a clear coat hard wax or Teflon coating on a car evens out the unevenness in the painted surface by filling up minor pits and cracks. This enhances the reflective capability of the paint, giving the car a high-gloss finish that looks like a mirror.
  3. Rust protection: in humid weather the car will be more prone to rusting. Teflon acts as an Anti-Rusting Layer.
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